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Neo Dungeon Crawl,
A place for analog, digital and D&D game development for game masters, designers and game makers.
Founded 4 Years ago
Mar 13, 2011


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Welcome to Neo Dungeon Crawl !

We all know about Dungeon Crawl and what it stands for thanks to the original officer that was here before. If you had forgotten let me remind you DungeonCrawl or DC for short only applies to D&D only with settings relating to dank, dark places like caves and mazes. This is now called New DungeonCrawl or NeoDC for short.

Now why is it called NeoDC ?

Dungeon Crawl is now a development forum to also include Digital and Analog game development as well as tabletop game development for players and dungeon masters.
No one has too feel left out because they have no experience in table games or have no experience in game design.
This is a group has has all functions and that is making games using anything you are good at.

NeoDC only has a few goals

Share ideas
Talk to other people with similar interests
collaborate with graphic designers and game development people

what will be created will be the following.

tabletop RPGs ( D&D )
digital ( video games )
analog ( card and board games )

Dungeons and Dragons will always be here that will not change. Why will it ?



Officer Code of Conduct====
Founder - commanding officer
Co-Founder - Executive officer
Contributor - Mods
Commanding officer
Basically all this person will do is to make a final approval and deal with any problems that show up, final decisions maker and nothing else.
Executive officer  or XO
XO members are granted all admin rights, they are my voice and carry out the will of the commanding officer.
contributor - mods
Same as XOs in the group they handle the everyday running.
If anyone will like to be one of my Officers please step up, You will then face Judgment, if i deem you worthy It will be given to you.
Officer Code of Conduct
When dealing with problems approach in a neutral manner. Picking sides is the worst thing to do when dealing with problems. If things get too hard to handle speak to the commanding officer, they will make the final decision.
Always act in a calm

Billboard clean upI am not sure if this is still ongoing but is time to clean up the billboards.
My family always seem to think the internet is a waste of time for me and that i should be practicing stuff, arts, programming, animation, etc. all that good stuff.
So there are times I must use the quick form. I will attempt to be formal here in the Journals whenever I can but i am a college student so my time is limited here. I am always online when doing research. I also have a lot of experience dealing with the PC stuff and spell check does not check grammar, usually when there are no red lines i will submit.
Iellos Campaign Setting

made by
RPG maker VXAce

D&D next

role playing on DC
I will most likely be putting up role plays in a play by post format on the billboards some will be interactive that will require a DA member to submit literature, artwork an
Iellos Campaign Setting Play-By-Post ForumHello, Dungeon Crawlers!
Hoping that this post does not intrude on anyone here, but I am pleased to say that I now have a Play-By-Post (PbP) forum set up for the Iellos Campaign Setting that I am working on.
Mainly it's a way for me to playtest ideas and concepts I've been writing up for publishing and also to connect with more people then my initial test groups would allow. If you want to join in on a game, feel free to post as often or as little as you like, there's no obligation to play until the campaign is done.
The forum is here:
Currently, the forum uses the Basic Fantasy Roll Playing Game found here: - however, once I have the final groundwork done on two new game systems I'm working on I will be unveiling them on the forum.
If playtesting new magic items/game systems sounds fun or if you feel like playing in a more dramatic game then the usual fare, feel free to drop by the forum and roll up a character! I'll make s
Naming a New Original Table Top RPGFrom :iconGodstorm1990:
ok so i'm working on a, hopefully original, tabletop roleplaying game system.  it will focus on three main campaign settings: medieval fantasy, modern day, and science tech or future.  i'm not sure what to call it officially but i think i'll go with Three Realms Systems until I can find a new name.  can anyone suggest a name?
new adminThe powers have now been transferred to me you all may not know me but i am :iconnovadragon1000: one of the old co-leaders of this group, I will still keep the same attribute to what this group is supposed to mean but I am more relaxed in nature so feel free to post anything you like aside from anything that can pose as a copyright infringement to anyone here on DA or otherwise, mature drawings or literature should always have a filter on it or else it will be removed when caught.
As always be nice to each other I will not tolerate rudeness, and watch what you speak I really dislike foul language. As always check the billboards for all events
Table games is a new thing to me , my field is graphic design, photography, and animation I spend most of my free time drawing or playing console games. So there are some things I may do differently.
I ask this of the members in this group go easy on me, let me introduce to you what I enjoy and show me what you do best.
i am quite busy nowada
Drawing Fantasy into Reality #1From :iconSpiritedFool:
On April 1st, 2014 at 10 pm I will be launching my first Kickstarter. My intention with this first Kickstarter is to re-emerge as an Artist. This Kickstarter will help me establish myself as a Player's Artist.
I'd like to get your feedback on my Kickstarter Pitch. Before launching it, I'm allowed to have friends review it and give feedback directly to me. I'll make changes and then officially launch the Kickstarter this Tuesday night at 10 pm.
Please feel free to send me any criticism you might have about the video or the story below it. Once I have officially launched this Kickstarter I'll send you notice to reach out to your RPGing friends.
I'm looking forward to hear back from you and getting you feedback.
My sincere thanks,
Drawing Fantasy into Reality #1

by Kurt Brugel

Character Interviews Q&A
Characters Interviews (Q&A) main page===================================================
What is Q&A?
Q&A stands for Questions and Answers, and they are the character interviews of your original characters. In an OC interview, the OC is featured in the DungeonCrawl group blog and members or visitors to the group may ask the OC questions.  The owner of the OC responds in character.  It is fun and is a great way to add detail to an existing OC or share the OC concept with the group! At DungeonCrawl interviews will be taking a new twist in that you can opt to respond to questions in the following manner (previously it was just by text) :
:bulletgreen: Replying to the comments of the interview journal with in-character text (this is how previous interviews were done)
:bulletgreen: Producing an artwork (for example, a comic) and posting it (don’t forget, there is DA Muro you can use as well ;) )
:bulletgreen: Producing a piece of literature that includes the interview questions
:bulletgreen: A mix of the above
Character Interviews QA - guest pageCharacter Interviews to Date:
Characters Interviews (Q&A) by DungeonCrawlCharacters Interviews (Q&A) by DungeonCrawlCharacters Interviews (Q&A) by DungeonCrawlCharacters Interviews (QA) by DungeonCrawlCharacter Interview: QA by DungeonCrawl
There is no time limit for how long an interview lasts.  Once posted in a blog entry it will remain there indefinitely.  However, I think I will have a least a few days between new interviews so each person gets some time as a new post.  I hope that makes sense.  Members out there, please have fun asking these characters questions!:
Update :: These will now be open posting so do it to your heart's content , but still be reasonable and only one post per person in group so we do not flood the group blog.
Usually people don't need to be encouraged to draw hunky battle-ready drow males, BUT! The fledgeling group The-Motley-Mayhem decided to do just that, with a

...WITH prizes, so feel free to take a stab at their resident drow, RHYL'LYN ZINARD.
(Fair warning: he might stab you right back.)

:iconbattlefairies: and :iconsushi-troll: decided to be very easy-going and light-hearted on this one (allowing comedy! Nudity! Comical nudity! Oh my! :faint:)

At any rate, all you need to know is right here in the group's journal:

Draw me a Drow contest! Closed!:new: This contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone who's joined and submitted their entries! :new:
So, after a most joyous opening of the Motley Mayhem group (and the recent addition of a most suitable warning sign on the front page for those who like our characters), we've cooked up a contest to help kick everything off to a good start (with plated boots on our feet do we take to this task with eager hearts).
Among the Motley Mayhem characters, only Rhyl'lyn Zinard – a grumpy drow outcast with a softness for our heroine that can't be fully explained – lacks a good visual representation. This we hope to remedy by hosting a small visual art contest (never you fear, our lovely writers, we're plotting A Much Bigger Contest for later that will include you as well) with a theme that's perfectly simple.
Draw me a Drow
That's right, we're asking for a visual design of Rhyl'lyn Zinard. Natur

... include money, gift art and literature, critiques, points, features and the undying love of the group's staff. But you already have that for participating.

See you in there!
More Journal Entries


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role-play groups


general groups


Please take some time to look at these other groups


Founder - commanding officer

:iconnovadragon1000: ( game development - general )
:iconspiritwolfofnova: ( role play avatar , personal )

Co-Founder - Executive officer

Contributor - Mods


Commanding officer

Basically all this person will do is to make a final approval and deal with any problems that show up, final decisions maker and nothing else.

Executive officer or XO

XO members are granted all admin rights, they are my voice and carry out the will of the commanding officer.

contributor - mods

Same as XOs in the group they handle the everyday running.

Code of Conduct

New members are always welcomed Trust and Reputation is earned not given.

NeoDC Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced , your only option is to either adapt or leave I will only say this one time
Offenders will be given a warning, repeated offense will result in dismissal PERIOD.

~ One rule Respect
Respect each other here and be reasonable. Things are only fun till you are caught. If asked to stop please stop or disciplinary action will be done by the present officer. As a member of NeoDC you must learn to respect authority.
The officers will do what they think is right thing to do.

If you do not like it PLEASE LEAVE It is best if you do not stay here or in its twin group, the commander here may not have as much power of the second group but most events are synchronized and I will report anything I do not think is right to the leader.

Our word is LAW

Our creed is


I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawNo Excuse Stamp by VampsStock
Don't Judge anyone.
Report abuse by sending a note to a crew member and the problem will be dealt with.

Crew members
You are given the authority to handle problems anyway you see fit, but I ask your digression when dealing with people with provoked anger, your Job is to access the problem and solve it not create more problems,

If anyone will like to be one of my Officers please step up, You will then face Judgment, if i deem you worthy It will be given to you. I am in command now.
When given power do not abuse it, I appoint XOs and I can also demote them.


~ Zero tolerance policy on ignorance, rudeness and arrogance to any member or officer, when addressing other people, this is a game development forum be supportive of each other.
What takes the fun out of making games as a team is you cannot cooperate with other people.

~ No foul language.

~ Members if you are being harassed by a crew member let your commanding officer know,
If another member is harassing you let the officers know, a warning will be given to the offending party, multiple offenses will result in a long term ban.

~ There will now be a strict no drama policy.

~ This place is not a business it is for fun, a hangout, a place to make friends and share a common interest. So Journals will be the only place to be formal unless time is short and we have to get a message out.

~ No sympathies to those who break the code of conduct here, If accused of wrongful conduct take it up with the commanding officer, and I may revoke you as a member.

~ About Art Theft - DungeonCrawl group does not condone art theft. If you suspect that stolen art has been submitted to the group gallery, please contact the group founder. Every effort will be made to identify stolen art and remove it. This can take some time. Even when a stolen piece is identified, it takes some time to sift through the gallery and remove the deviation. Ultimately, DungeonCrawl is not responsible for stolen art. Stolen art should be reported to Deviantart Admin. Confirmed art thieves submitting work that is not theirs will be banned from the group.

~ General submissions with mature content filter, basically anything will be accepted as long as mature content has a mature filter. The postings must be your own work no unaltered screenshots.

~ Members are responsible for their own work If you ask the crew to remove it, the crew will ignore that request. The crew is not responsible for the needs of one person. There are no servants here. So don't expect any special treatment form us. Everyone even my crew must be treated equally.

~ Members are responsible for their own actions, Just like doing crime will land you a life sentence in jail. The same thing apples here otherwise you have the freedom to do what you like in the group as long as you do not overstep bounds.

~ There is no right or wrong way to do stuff we are HUMAN not GODs we are not perfect, If you do not like how I am doing it you can leave, DA is supposed to be a social site not business unless you are building a portfolio.

~ Do not ask to be a Officer as they are chosen not trained. If i see you are fit for the role you will be given officer rights.

~ Do not tell the officers what to do, if they agree with you they will enforce it.

D&D is a game, A HOBBY it does not put food on your table or get you money...


role-play rules

roleplay related stuff will be in the folder marked roleplay.

I don't normally like putting rules onto players since D&D offers a lot of options based on your choices as long as they are possible. However, I find that they will be a necessity based on the different players I may work with in the group. So, here are my rules for when people have game sessions with me.

1.) Stay in character for the majority of the session! When you come to the game, you are not yourself you are the character you built. However you may speak out of character in parenthesis or any other mark. Just indicate when you're not speaking as the character.

2.) When making your own choices, explain why and how you do them.

3.) Keep the rating among the youngest players. If a twelve year old is joining in, keep it PG 13. If everyone is 18+, then go ahead and do whatever in the nearest brothel if you want!

4.) Do not offend other players. I will give the offended the authority to damage you, causing loss of important HP and other things depending on the ruleset used

5.) Don't text speak! What really takes the fantasy out of a fantasy game for me is if people keep acting like they're texting on a cell phone. Plus there may be one of the few people out there who doesn't understand some of the words being presented in this fashion. I may make a few exceptions once in a while.

There maybe more rules to come and if you follow them then maybe you will get extra rewards at the end of the encounters.


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deathstarshotput Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Thanks for accepting my submission.
novadragon1000 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
I am just a bit busy lately if you need me message me at this name...
rskrakau Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thanks for featuring one of my artworks :)
means a lot!
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Godstorm1990 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ok so i'm working on a, hopefully original, tabletop roleplaying game system.  it will focus on three main campaign settings: medieval fantasy, modern day, and science tech or future.  i'm not sure what to call it officially but i think i'll go with Three Realms Systems until I can find a new name.  can anyone suggest a name?
RheJulMag Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A name for the system or the campaign setting?
Godstorm1990 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i just need suggestions for the system.  the three campaign settings are the Age of the Blade, Age of Nations, and Age of Time being medieval fantasy, modern day, and future, respectively
RheJulMag Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm. Nope. No ideas I can think of right now. But allow me to share some introspection I got while I myself was on the verge of making my own system. 

Personally I thought naming a system had some pattern to it like naming fishing boats to the names of the women that broke your heart or naming war vehicles to names of virtues or famous leaders.  So I did some lazy-man's  research a while ago and devoted an afternoon on researching the names of some of the games I had the pleasure to play on. Here's what I got:

d20 system ("D&D", "Pathfinder", "D20 Modern") - Got its name because any action you do requires to roll a 20-sided dice to determine a character's failure or success. Granted that there where other different  dice integral to determine other forms of variables but the d20 was always the go to dice to get final results.

True20 system ("Blue Rose", "True20 RPG", "Mutants & Masterminds") - Derived from the d20 system but aside from using stuff from 3.5 D&D's Unearthed Arcana to give full rein to the players to fully customize their characters, the system had one major alteration: You only needed a d20 to play. So being "true" to the concept of what character you want to make but also "true"  to just the 20-sided dice. Thus it's name, True20. That's my guess anyway.

AGE System ("Dragon Age" [Tabletop RPG Version] and rumor-mill has it that Mass Effect and Firefly versions may be added to the list) - I'm just speculating here but it's kinda obvious they took the "Age" from Dragon Age and added a cool acronym (Adventure Game Engine) and thus they had a name. Sly bastards XD

Cypher System ("Numenera" and the soon to be made "The Strange") - Strangely enough (see what I did there), this system got it's name from the designer's idea on why his game is so different from the other games, consumable items in the Numenera setting, the "Cyphers". That simple, just like the game system. 

So my advice. Ask yourself what makes your system fun for you and your players. Is it a mechanic? Is it some from of story flavor or element? Is it some general emotion or feel that system evokes on the gaming table? When you narrow it down to something you can agree on, find a word that best describes it and BAM! You got yourself a title for your system.

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stardragonfayt Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
what do you mean by system ? trying to make a ruleset .?
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